Lucinda Ngozi Barnes


News | November 15, 2011

Representing Nigeria
age: 18

Why I think I should win the fashion4Africa title. I want to be the Face of Fashion 4 Africa because I believe I have what it takes as an African young woman Having been brought up by a Nigerian mother I have learnt a lot about my culture. I speak my native dialect which is Ibo Delta fluently, I am very proud of my African side as it is all I know. I believe that I can achieve whatever I want in life as long as I work hard for it. The reason I want to win is because I want be an ambassador for young girls who want to follow their dreams too. I am polite, friendly, hard-working and sociable. I like to set goals for myself and work very hard to achieve them I also like to enjoy myself and do what teenagers do; like going out sometimes and having a good time  Hard work always pays off and I know there is time for everything in life but I believe this is my time to shine.  It is my ambition to be a top model someday and what better way to start than being a part of this amazing competition with such an important, fulfilling prize at the end.

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