Sade Sanusi


News | November 15, 2011

Representing Nigeria

I should win face of Africa because I believe it is not just an achievement for myself but also for my family. i have always been taught that true beauty comes from within. Being a humble, generous, nice, honest and genuine individual is more than any pretty face can offer. I think winning this competition will exemplify that. Every continent of the world has beautiful people, but I do believe Africa embraces a land of beautiful, strong, courageous and powerful women, I am proud of being an African woman. We have beautiful hearts and commendable inspirational women. Its 2010 and some may say that true beauty is widely masked and unappreciated these days. Winning will allow the world to know that we are many different beautiful women, all beautiful for different reasons with much more individuality and originality to offer. There are many achievements in life, but being recognised and empowered for your beauty is like no other. It would be an invaluable reward an honour to win Face of Africa to be able to represent for all my gorgeous sisters.

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