Yvonne Akwetey


News | November 15, 2011

24 years of age
Representing Ghana

My name is Yvonne Akwetey, I am 24 years old and from London. As a British-born Ghanaian, I have been privileged enough to be brought up to know both the British and Ghanaian culture. This fusion allows me to be open minded and versatile in the sense that I am able to accept and respect different cultures – an attitude which is I consider to be imperative at all times. Fashion is a global interest that can unite people on many levels. It is a topic of conversation that we all have at some point in life and is an ever growing industry and Fashion 4 Africa exemplifies this. To be the next Covergirl for Fashion 4 Africa 2011, stretches far beyond being a just a face. It is an achievement and responsibility that also carries a strong sense of culture which reflects the rich heritage and creativity found in the beautiful continent of Africa. If I am chosen to be the next Covergirl for Fashion 4 Africa 2011, not only will it give me a platform to achieve personal goals of my own within the fashion world, I will also endeavor to be a great ambassador and role model to all. It is with this attitude that I believe contributes to me being the perfect candidate as the next Covergirl for Fashion 4 Africa 2011.

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