Gambian Beauties Founder Makaddy M. Drammeh to play a role in Face of Fashion4Africa


News | October 9, 2013

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Interview with Gambian Beauties founder (Based in Germany)

Name: Makaddy-Mariama Drammeh, 21 years old, born in Germany (Cologne), studying foreign language correspondence

My family in Gambia live in Serekunda

I usually go to Gambia in December and this year will maybe be partly for Ibraheem Ceesay’s next movie

I want to live in Gambia with my family when I finish my studies

Have you always wanted to be a model

Well, I started modeling at the age of 18. I’ve always been very excited about the fashion industry in most facets of my life, so I decided to enter a pageant and won the „Miss West Africa 2011-“ crown in Germany. It has been such a great experience and it gave me the opportunity to work with awesome photographers, doing great projects and meet a lot of wonderful people who helped me getting into the industry. I am so happy to have the opportunity to represent the beauty of Gambia and empower young ladies.

Is there anyone on the industry who has inspired you?

There so many beautiful women in this world, it is really hard to tell which one has inspired me most…Yaya DaCosta, who has entered America’s next Top model, I would say. She is not very famous, but she is a great model and has always been true to herself and natural. It is not just about the looks, the inner beauty is what really makes a person pretty! And she was the person why I decided not to straighten my hair anymore.

What is your family background?

My mother is German and my father is Gambian. I would consider myself as a native Gambian lol. I am very proud of my Gambian roots and I try to be there every year. Family comes first!

Why have you chosen modelling?

I think it just has happened…I have the opportunity to meet wonderful people, to travel the world and it is a great life experience! Sometimes it is really hard and stressful on photo shoots, but the result makes me so happy and the hard work has always been worth it! I also hope to inspire other people, who want to become a model or just get into the industry. All I can say is that if you really want to be a model, you will make it! Just never give up, work hard for your goals and never forget your roots. Three years ago I have never thought to become Miss West Africa in Germany or to do so many photo shootings with brilliant matter where you come from, you can always make it. And don’t care if somebody doesn’t believe in you-God will always do.

Do you think it is a career fit for men?

Of course!

How do Gambians generally view the modelling industry in Germany?

When I started modeling i got so many positive reactions from Gambians! They really like my photos and motivate me to do more projects. I visited my family in Gambia two years ago and they were all so excited about my work! Gambia has many beautiful people, they are just made for the modelling industry and they love it!

Are there many Black models in Germany?

 Oh, yes! I know a lot of black girls doing modeling in Germany. And they’re rocking’ it !

Do you think having more models like you will change the perception of modelling in Gambia?

Of course it will. I can understand some people, who are skeptic about the industry- but we need to show them what modelling is really about. That’s why I have created the Facebook-page Gambian Beauties to show the world how beautiful and proud Gambia is! I am getting a lot of messages of girls, who want to be a model in Gambia but don’t know how they can get started- they are so happy to see their picture on the Gambian Beauties page and it makes me happy, too. All I can say is that they have to promote themselves as much as they can on social networks, model pages/agencies and try to get some shoots done. The photos don’t have to be professional at the beginning! It takes some time to become better….

How can the Govt encourage young people in the creative industry?

Promotion and information is everything. There have to be more open castings, informative events on the industry and (even small) fashion shows, where the girls can learn something about it.  If there are no offers, nobody can get encouraged!

What are your goals for the future?

More exciting, impressive projects and to take every single chance I can get in life. We only got one life, so we have to try to give our best, even if it is a struggle sometimes. I have some great photo shootings and projects coming up for the next months and will keep you updated . In 2014 I plan to do some work in Gambia and can’t wait to be there and in talks with Beauty In Business to play a role in Face of Fashion4Africa!









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