Exclusive with 2013 Best Female Actress at African Oscars

2013 Best female actress at African Oscars

Fatima Jabbie, a Gambian-born actress, script writer cum executive producer, was in September 2013 voted the best female actress at the African Oscars in Washington DC, topping the list of 32 nominees in Africa People’s Choice Best Actress category. She picked the award ahead of other Nollywood superstars including the likes of Omotola Jalade, Monalisa Chinda, Queen Amina and Ify Hollywood.


The London-based Ms Jabbie has over the years being featured in numerous Nollywood films shot in the UK and was one of the stars of the recently-shown ‘Shameful Deceit’. She has starred in popular Nollywood movies such as ‘Mirror Boy’, a movie that has raked millions of nairas. She was also featured in ‘Battered’, which premiered at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, Southeast London on September 28.


In 2011, Fatima won series of awards which includes; ‘Best Supporting Actress’ an award she won at a ceremony called ‘ZAFAA. ‘ZAFAA’ an African award ceremony held in the UK, is one of the biggest Black Entertainment Awards in United Kingdom. She also won Best Actress, award from the Black Ethnics, Fashions and Film Industry in the UK three years ago. Pan-African Woman of the Year award was given to her by ‘All African Media’ based in Ghana. ‘Best Dress Actress’ and ‘Best African Breakthrough’was awarded to her by the Sierra Leonean Excellent Award in the UK.


In this interview MS Jabbie talks about about the recent Oscar award held in Washington DC among other achievements around the world. Do follow the excerpt of the interview with Fatima Jabbie;


BB: Welcome to this interview Ms Jabbie, could you first tell us something about your place in Nollywood?

Fatima: Well, as far as I am concerned for now my place in Nollywood is to change the game for African actresses all over the world not only in Nigeria, so as to make it a competitive environment but in a positive way for all concerned and a fair play ground for us all.


BB: You were awarded recently during African Oscars award held in Washington DC in the US. Tell us more about this award and what it means to you?

Fatima: It is an honor to win one of the best awards in our industry and am proud to say a Gambian has done it.


BB: Who nominated you?

Fatima: The nomination is done by Industry people such as directors, producers, actors and actresses


BB: How was the voting done and how many votes did you receive?

Fatima: The voting was done by people around the world. All the names in my category were published and people were asked to vote for their favorites and they did.


BB: Who were you up against?

Fatima: I was up against 32 great actresses at the beginning but towards the awards, it was cut down to five; myself, Omotola Jalade, Monolisa Chinda, Ify Hollywood and Queen Amina


BB: But in your opinion what do you think made you win this coveted award?

Fatima: I believe the people like me and my fan base is super.


BB: What is the secret to your success?

Fatima: I have always been a determined and hard working person; put those two qualities together you will never fail in life.


BB: What does it mean to you winning the award?

Fatima: It means I am doing what I like doing and the people appreciate me for that.


BB: How do you want to celebrate it with your fans in The Gambia?

Fatima: I will show my film ‘Battered’ to them and tell them I am who I am today, because they believed in me and I want to thank them very much for all their love and support.


BB: Tell us about your new film ‘Battered’?

Fatima: Battered is a film about domestic violence which I am campaigning against. Violence in any form is wrong and that is the message ‘Battered’ is sending out.


BB: What are you working on now; any plans for a new movie?

Fatima: Well, I am working on a lot of things, a commercial for Supersoniz Money transfer, a film called ‘My Soul’ and another called ‘My Wedding Day’.


BB: What advice do you have for aspiring models and actresses/actors in The Gambia?

Fatima: My advice will be work hard and believe in yourself, have faith, respect others and leave the rest to ALLAH

Reported by Omar Wally Beauty In Business Anchorman, Daily Observer Journalist

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