Fashion4Africa Pop Up 2019 Saturday 28th September

News | September 19, 2019

Fashion4Africa Pop Up 2019 in Fonthill Road Retail District

We are pleased to announce courtesy of The London Fashion Center in Fonthill road, Fashion4Africa will be hosting its 3rd annual Pop Up to kick start the PR campaign for the Fashion4Africa Face and Designer of The Year 2019. The faces and designers competing will be announced at the event and a street fashion show will also be hosted, with music and entertainment from Dj’s to live performers throughout the day.

We will also be hosting a variety of vendors from beauty to fashion retail.

  • Massassbi Batique
  • Affinity Online
  • Exodus Africa
  • Ethnicity Clothing
  • Mishanty
  • Cece Refinery
  • Misbeeeswrites
  • Natural Glo
  • Yartecho Hats
  • Nyos 
  • Bespoke Beauty Organics
  • Kokocrafts
  • Dea Akwa
  • Atmkollectionz
  • Fee Uhssi
  • The Voice Newspaper
  • Portobello Toms
  • Beauty In London
Fashion4Arica Pop up 2018 in China Town

Pop in to the Fashion4Africa Pop Up

A showcase of African fashion, entrepreneurship and creativity will descend on north London’s fashion village in Finsbury Park on Saturday 28th September to mark the launch of the Fashion4Africa Pop Up.

The event will feature clothes from brands including Massassi Batique, beauty products from Karen Messam, as well as a range of accessories, health products, books and music from emerging and established African entrepreneurs.

This year’s theme centres around cultural identity and how our identity is shaped by the clothes we wear. Organised by ANEMP & Co Solutions, the event will also include industry workshops, sample giveaways from designers and retail discounts.  

The Fashion4Africa Pop Up is now in its third year and is a precursor to the Fashion4Africa designer and model competition, which will be staged on Saturday 26th October. Both events are the brainchild of British-Gambian founder Anna Njie and are vehicles to train mentor and develop the next generation of Africans on home soil and in the Diaspora.

“The Pop Up and the Fashion4Africa showcase are more than just opportunities to show off Africa’s creativity in fashion,” said Anna. “It is driven by a desire to mobilise young Africans in the Diaspora to look towards Africa for inspiration, collaboration and creativity. We are passionate about passing the knowledge on to the next generation but also creating pathways for greater collaboration between Africans on the continent and those in the Diaspora. These events provide a platform for showcasing the amazing potential within the modern African textiles industries, African fashion, culture music and arts from the African continent.”

Doors to the fashion village at the London Fashion Centre, 89-93 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, N4 3JH will open from 11am to 8pm.

Tickets for the Fashion4Africa Pop Up are available via Eventbrite here: //

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