About Us

The Fashion4Africa showcase is a fundraising initiative. It was inspired in 2009 by a cultural interest into African fashion tourism this triggered looking at ways in which to mobilise young African Diaspora to look towards Africa for inspiration, collaboration and creativity. The interest helped to identify the amazing potential within the modern African textiles industries, African fashion, culture music and arts from the African continent. Eights years later Fashion4Africa has evolved by delivering a skills mission trip.

The Fashion4Africa project supports emerging models and Fashion designers of African origin in the UK and Africa through mentoring, training and development projects funded by fundraising events. Those that participate pay a fee which helps fund our training, mentoring and development program.

Fashion4Africa  delivers an annual fashion showcase which consists of an exhibition of art and craft, designer competition, catwalk shows and model workshops. Collaborating with industry experts we have trained and mentored over 500 young people between the ages of 17-34 years old and believe this number to be much more from those it has reached through our digital media collaborations with various media houses and publications in the UK and overseas.


The concept is to contribute to elevating the hopes and aspiration of the young, emerging models and designers of African Origin in the UK and Africa who will also be our future entrepreneurs. Money generated from the events supports youth empowerment and entrepreneurial initiatives.

We are one of the advocates for change on the perception ‘African Fashion & Beauty’ with the help from various African Fashion media houses.

A phenomenal showcase for the promotion of Africa that promotes cultural diversity whilst fostering economic growth and development. After spending years between the UK, The Gambia and Senegal working with local talent and artisans, the Fashion4Africa program is here for you.

                            To apply email team@fashion4africa.com