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Arif Sempala hits #gfw2019

News | June 4, 2019

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Fashion4Africa 2019 Skills Mission prize to Ghana

Countdown as we prepare for the 10th year anniversary of Fashion4Africa. 10 years of seeking and supporting unknown African talented creatives within the UK and overseas in the beauty, fashion and creative industry. As we mark our milestones at this years’ event we will invite industry experts to help us understand with discussions why it […]

Fashion4Africa 2019 begins..

Special offer 10 years support from the Gambia Experience

News | May 15, 2019

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Fashion4Africa styling made online

Fashion4Africa creative team strikes again at Screen Nation Film & TV Awards 2019 in Mayfair

The 14th Screen Nation Film & TV Awards 2019 took place at the prestigious Mayfair Hotel in Stratton Street. W1. It was superbly executed by Screen Nation and Tamara Event designers with support of many including the Fashion4Africa team who were the fashion styling team for the hosts, hostesses and ushers!

Countdown to feature in Spring 2019 issue of Black Beauty & Hair magazine featuring Gambian models

Fashion4Africa team Creative direction a hit at Screen Nation 2019 ‘Digital is Media’ Awards

Black Beauty & Hair Editor in chief travels to The Gambia Courtesy of F4A


News | January 1, 2019

Face of Fashion4Africa UK 2018 winners


News | September 14, 2018